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Slobber Straps


Great selection of slobber straps! Come find the one that fits your needs.

Left to Right
Amish buckle slobber straps $21.95
California Equine Dark Oil $28.95
California Equine Natural, floral hand tooled $45.95
Schutz Bros. with dots (no dots is $24.95)
California Equine barbed wire with rosette $33.95.

All made in the USA!



These are some of the mecates we carry in our store. The horsehair mecate (on left) is $74.95. The middle mecates are mohair and are $88.95. They are softer than the horsehair and are one of our most popular mecates. The mecate on the right is nylon and is $19.95.


bosal hanger_1.jpg

This is a nice bosal hanger made of soft harness leather that comes with a fiador. $34.95 while in stock.

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