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Little Buck Series


The Little Buck Series is a gaming event for riders ages 3-11.

Riders may ride alone or ride lead line.

3 Events Each Year!


Will Rogers Little Buck Series:

March 25 Spokane Interstate Fairgrounds

May 13 Pleasant Valley Stables in Mead

June 24 Spokane Interstate Fairgrounds

Indoor Arena *Barrels, Poles, Candy Bar Race, Key Pole, and Cal Stake.



Contestants ages 3-11 as of January 1 are eligible to enter. Only well mannered horses are welcome. If a horse or rider is out of control, they will be asked to leave the arena.

If a rider exhibits bad sportsmanship, all awards will be forfeited. Helmets must be worn by all contestants. No dogs allowed.

All events are on smaller patterns. Riders can have an adult on the course at the time they are competing.



Placements will be awarded for the fastest times in each event.

Points are figured by placement: 1st place = 4 pts., 2nd place = 3 pts., 3rd place = 2 pts., qualified run = 1 pt. Run offs will be used in case of a tie for 1st.

Awards for ages 3-5 will be given prior to ages 6-11. Day awards will be given. Fun prizes!!!



$20.00 for each show per rider. $10.00 per horse fee. Only one entry is required per rider.



Option to be entered in this series for more awards based upon points in all three shows. Fee is $25. per rider for the series.

Trophy buckle will be awarded for first place. Other awards will be given. Great prizes!




Stimson Contracting

WM Winkler

ALT Horse Training



SPONSOR APPLICATION FOR THE 2015 LITTLE BUCK SERIES Will Rogers Saddle Company would appreciate your support to make our 2016 season a success! Your support allows us to provide individual class awards, as well as series awards, to our riders.
As an awards sponsor, your business name will be announced during each of our three shows and be listed on our website and Facebook.
Awards sponsors will be asked to provide a profile of their business for publication on our website. Sponsors may display a banner at our shows. We encourage our sponsors to attend our shows!
Business Name: ______________________________________________________
Contact Person: ______________________________________________________
Business Address: ____________________________________________________
Business Phone: _____________________________________________________
Business Website: ____________________________________________________
Type of Business: ____________________________________________________

Sponsorships are available in the following ways (circle your choice):
Daily Awards: $35. Daily award examples: Halters, bridles, brushes, blankets, and more!
Series Awards: $50. Series awards examples: Trophy tack, bridles, halters, saddle pads, breast collars, and more!
Series Buckle: $85. Montana Silver engraved buckle awarded to each group at the end of the series.
* * * * * * * * * * *
All sponsorships are welcome and greatly appreciated. Thank you!!! Attach 3 business cards plus a copy of the advertisement you would like to use. Please make check payable to Will Rogers Saddle Company and send to:
Will Rogers Saddle Company 13011 N. Freya St., Mead, WA 99021 (509) 466-0106